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We’ll manage your website so you can manage your business

What you Get

Never has the security of your website mattered more in the evolving world wide web. Your WordPress websites require regular updates, security checks and performance optimisation to ensure your website investment is protected. With our Website Care Packages, we will protect your investment with continual security, performance and
reliability updates.

Save Time

Spend your time managing your business, not worrying about your WordPress site. Have peace of mind knowing that your website is being taken care of by a team of WordPress experts, greatly reducing the chance of it going down or being a burden to your business.

Increase Performance

Let’s face it, nobody likes a slow website. Slow sites damage your SEO, worsen your user-experience and reduce the chance of generating sales. We’ll ensure your site loads fast by keeping it updated with the latest software and best-practice performance optimisation techniques.

Improve Security

Reduce the risk of having your WordPress website compromised by hackers. We’ll make sure that your WordPress website is always kept up to date, reducing the chance of it being taken offline or compromised by malicious attacks.

Improve Reliability

Sick and tired of that foot-in-your-mouth feeling that you get before updating your WordPress website? Take advantage of the latest and greatest that WordPress has to offer, without worrying about the updates breaking your website.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply choose from one of our flat rate monthly plans below then sit back and relax knowing that your WordPress website is being taken care of by a team of professionals

*2 hours of support is based on 2 seperate jobs up to an hour per each per job

Small Job Support

If your looking to make changes to your website such as adding new images, creating new menu items or updating a page with new content, let us do the heaving lifting, send them through to our dedicated support team and we’ll take care of it within 48hrs.


Got questions? We got answers

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the content management system we use to power your website.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is an additional piece of software that can be used to extend the functionality and capability of your WordPress website.

What is a theme?

Your theme is what provides all the front end styling for your Worpdress site. We build our websites using the Divi theme by elegant themes. Divi is incredibly powerful and offers great features and ease of use.

Why should I keep my theme and plugins up to date?

It is important to keep your theme and plugins up to date to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress, to keep your website secure and to take advantage of any bug fixes as well as the latest features that will keep your website performing at its best.

What is a small job?

We class a small job as a task that can be completed in less than an hour. We find this timeframe typically covers most jobs that are needed to be done on an existing live WordPress website.

*Under the gold package 2 hours of support is based on 2 seperate jobs up to an hour per each per job

Do i need to purchase my own theme license?

Your license fees are covered as part of our monthly support services. If you choose to leave our support services we recommend you purchase your own theme license to make sure you keep getting theme updates and upgrades

Why should I update WordPress?

Each new release of WordPress aims to fix any bugs, improve performance, enhance existing features as well as add new features. Without updating you can be risking your websites security as well as missing out on these new features.

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